The Orange Dot Story

In 2004, Susan Weiner's youngest child Andrew received a diagnosis of celiac disease, a serious autoimmune disease  in which the ingestion of gluten leads to severe damage of the small intestine.  As she tried to keep Andrew healthy and fed after this diagnosis, Susan realized that most gluten free breads on the market were dry and flavorless, had high glycemic indices, and contained ingredients like xanthan gum that can cause an unpleasant upset stomach.

Inspired to tackle the problem, she started researching how to create a healthier and more flavorful bread for Andrew, eventually inventing a blend of healthy, natural ingredients and a proprietary baking process that locks in moisture. The first batches of bread were produced in her own kitchen, and taste tested by Andrew. 

In 2015, inspired by a report on poverty in Charlottesville called The Orange Dot Report, Susan decided to launch a company to try to create employment in her community.   This was the birth of The Orange Dot Baking Company.  Susan began selling her Major English Muffins at the local farmers' market, where they proved a hit. As people enjoyed an expanding variety of flavors such as Rustic Rosemary, Everything Better, and Super-Seeded, word spread quickly, and by the next year she was supplying stores throughout Virginia with Orange Dot products. 

By 2017, demand had grown to such an extent that Orange Dot moved into a dedicated gluten free baking facility and Susan hired her first full-time employees. She also expanded her product line in response to include biscuits, which are smaller version of her flagship muffin, in addition to flatbread and blonde brownies. 

Today, Orange Dot baked goods are available throughout the US via direct mail, through partners such as Fresh Direct and 4P Foods, and at Whole Foods in the Virginia and Washington DC area. We've also now been featured on Virginia TV

Orange Dot Major English Muffins are versatile, and work well as French toast for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch, or a hamburger bun for dinner. Or try Susan's favorite and spread a toasted Rustic Rosemary Major Muffin with goat cheese and pair with a glass of red wine!


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