Jumbo Bag Super Seeded English Muffin - Ugly Duckling

Jumbo Bag Super Seeded English Muffin - Ugly Duckling

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Only available for local pickup. Use Discount Code "Local" to get a full 50% off our regular priced jumbo bag. 

Not quite as pretty as our normal muffins, but still delicious, our ugly duckling Super-Seeded muffins have delicious sunflower, pumpkin, quinoa, chia and amaranth seeds. Super-satisfying, our most protein-packed flavor will leave you sated all day. 

Jumbo Bag Contains 12 Muffins. 

Find a full list of ingredients here

Gluten free

Does not contain unpleasant ingredients like gums, sesame, or soy

 Contains dairy and eggs

Shipped frozen every Tuesday. May thaw in transit. Refreeze upon arrival.

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